Bioderma Abcderm Cradle Cap 40ml

Bioderma Abcderm Cradle Cap 40ml


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Product Description

Benefits & Features:

Quickly and gently eliminates Cradle cap and scales

Easy to apply thanks to its tube applicator, it is not sticky and easy to wash off

Baby's scalp is quickly and lastingly clear and moisturised

100%* of parents find Babysquam to be effective on cradle cap. *usage test in 15 children aged 3 to 18 months

How to use:

Once at each bath, until symptoms disappear.

Apply ABCDerm Babysquam on cradle cap (scalp, eyebrows and/or behind the ears) by lightly massaging (the cannula facilitates application)

Leave ABCDerm Babysquam on for 30min maximum

Wash with ABCDerm Shampooing


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