Bioderma Sensibio Ar

Bioderma Sensibio Ar


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Product Description


Sensibio AR reduces and prevents redness such as intense temporary redness, permanent redness & small visible vessels. The exclusive patent Rosactiv™ reduces redness and keeps it from appearing by biologically acting on all of the skin cells involved in the initiation and aggravation of this redness. It inhibits the production of the protein responsible for vasodilation and therefore the appearance and persistence of redness. It also limits the release of a molecule that triggers allergic reactions maintaining and aggravating vasodilation.

- Soothes

- Moisturises

- Very good tolerance

- Non-comedogenic

- Excellent makeup base

- Unfragranced

- Prevents and reduces the intensity of redness (Biometrology test on 30 volunteers aged 23 to 65, suffering from intense redness on the face, for 28 days)


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