Thermacare Neck/Shoulder/Wrist 3s

Thermacare Neck/Shoulder/Wrist 3s


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Product Description

Thermacare heatwraps are clinically proven to provide therapeutic muscle penetrating heat and long lasting pain relief for up to 16 hours.

ThermaCare Therapeutic HeatWraps are:

Easy to use: Self-heating wraps

Long-lasting Relief: 12 hours of therapeutic heat

Deep Muscle Relaxation

Drug Free

Thin, Comfortable, Discreet, Odourless

ThermaCare Therapeutic HeatWraps Back can be used for powerful and targeted relief of muscular and joint pain associated with:

Muscle tension

Overexertion and strains


Suitable for sufferer of chronic and occasional pain.

4 x Hair nets, protection for the person completing the treatment.

Finally a set of detailed instructions are provided


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