Tipperary Crystal - Birdy Bullfinch Mug

Comes in a beautiful gift box


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Product Description

Tipperary Crystal ceramics are made from bone china which gives the ceramic a clean, white finish. Stack crockery separately from other items such as cutlery, saucepans or glass. Over washing will cause the glaze to dull and the design to fade.

The following guide will ensure that your Tipperary Crystal ceramics and china is looked after properly and will last longer.

Wash the item as soon as possible after use.

It is advisable to wash crockery separate to cutlery.

Metal utensils can cause metal markings.

Don’t scrape leftovers - wipe with a paper towel or plastic scraper.

Never use an abrasive cleaner or pot scourer as this will damage the glaze as well as any decorations on the item.


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